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Aromas of lemon grass and hazelnuts give way to light and rich flavors of baked apples, lemon-lime and butterscotch. But there is no doubting the high quality here. Strong tannin and acid really clamp down on the finish. The appeal of Bordeaux, the largest wine-growing area in the world, is its complexity: For an aperitif of this kind, one that is light on complexity, you could look to the classic options: Lacks the polish exhibited by many of the Pinots that we tasted on this trip.

There is no doubting that the Mouvedre is true to its terroir.

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Take the Bordeaux vintage, hailed as one of the greats and held up alongside, and Serve it with poultry and red meat dishes. For a detailed explanation click here.

Passionate and driven, yet at the same time relaxed, this set is a paragon of its type, with universally excellent performances from all ten musos involved. It finishes explosively with round, very fine tannins that linger on the palate for longer than a minute. And as if that weren't enough, on some tracks there are well-judged contributions from Andy Cutting accordion and Mark Lockheart and Iain Ballamy saxesand it's all reliably underpinned by Tim Harries' sensitively-moulded double-bass work.

Throughout, the playing is warm, lively and sensitive and Johnny Gimble's fiddle is a particular delight; recording back in was a protracted and informal affair and the core musicians were augmented by more than a dozen others who "happened by", including a young John Hiatt who contributes the lead acoustic guitar on one track.

Palate shows characteristic anise, chocolate, leather, blueberry, blackberry, with dry open cleansing tannins growing coffee-like without implying the cooked qualities that such ripe flavors might denote. See the certifications page to learn more about the farm certifications Everyvine tracks.

Cool, deep dark fruit with slightly green undertones continue to linger on the palate for more than 20 seconds, and are accompanied by a whiplash of serious tannin that grip like a vice. The taste is of juicy cherries and pepper, with a hint of licorice on the finish.

These are but two acute examples of the sheer intelligence within June's new interpretations of the songs presented on this CD.

As outlined in Notice No. Flavors of orange oil, pecans, vanilla, toffee, lingering into a praline finish. For those who are unfamiliar with Rhone whites, this blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Rousanne and Marsanne offers a delicious alternative to Chardonnay, and an excellent introduction to the distinctive Rhone style.

The wine has flavors of ripe plum, red cherry, pepper and nutmeg, with well-balanced acidity and gentle tannins.

2011 Tablas Creek Vineyard Chardonnay Antithesis Paso Robles

Could not be more different than the other wines from this winery. Fruit compote, nectarine and beeswax can readily be found on the palate.

In comparison with the Burgundy-style Unoaked Chardonnay, the Unfiltered Chardonnay comes across as full-blown California. There is structure, finesse and body, without sacrificing one for the other.

Richly-fruited and well-balanced, this wine still has some oak and tannin to integrate, and really needs to be cellared for a few years. A dark, Cabernet-dominated concoction, the Pairing is dominated by notes of cassis and licorice as well as some smoky oak.

The amazingly long finish lasts for at least 60 seconds, throughout which gentle tannins caress the palate. Those scores, we feel, should be reserved for the elite few — wines that transcend time and represent the very pinnacle of this art form. Really fans out on the finish, where the big tannins and serious structure make themselves apparent.

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I liked what they were pouring and I look forward to becoming more familiar with these excellent wines. Together they weave, oppose and compliment one anothers techniques.


Laser-like acidity, the absence of any discernable tropical fruit and a long, harmonious finish fool the taster into believing that this is like a high quality 1er Cru Puligny or a minerally Meursault-Perrieres.

Topography values are averaged over the block area. This latest is an impressively assured collection, with the focus this time in the main falling on songs by contemporary writers Tom Waits and Boo Hewerdine being the best-known and drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences.

The palate, however, does not quite live up to the aromatics, with a rather four-square dark plum fruit component that leads to an unexpectedly short finish. And Heidi's now developing a talent for songwriting too in creative as well as personal partnership with Mr McCuskeron the evidence of the coquettish, charmingly bittersweet and quirky Tell Me Truly, the deep, if finally understated desolation of the title track, and in contrast the comforting Start It All Over Again, the latter composition finding a soul-mate echo in the disc's final track, an ably sensitive cover of the Sandy Denny tearjerker At The End Of The Day.

A number of these turn out to be live renditions of existing album tracks, often utilising different backing musicians or arrangements and invariably casting new light on the interpretations; Lal Waterson's Fine Horseman, the traditional Young Johnstone and Will Ye Go To Flanders, Richard Thompson's Pharaoh a stunning performance with Filarfolket and Mrs Rita - all these are really illuminating.

Sean Thackrey "Andromeda" Pinot Noir Devil's Gulch Ranch (Marin County, California) Retail Price: $ Artisan Wine Depot Price: $ You save $! Sean is the antithesis of corporate wine-making. The proof is in the bottle. Ratings & Reviews. 90 Points - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate ( vintage).

Antithesis is estate bottled from vines grown on the Tablas Creek Vineyard Estate, cultivated without the use of herbicides or systemic pesticides. Only hand hoeing, cover crops, mulch, scorching and mowing are used for weed control. There are no products in your shopping cart! We hope it's not for long.

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Ownership: Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel and Robert Haas. Critics have scored this wine 89 points.

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Users have rated this wine 4 out of 5 stars. Paso Robles is a large winegrowing area at the southern end of Califo Stores and prices for ' Tablas Creek Vineyards Antithesis Chardonnay, Paso Robles'.

Tablas Creek Our visit to Tablas Creek reinforced my image of the winery as a Napa wannabe. The final white we tasted was a % Chardonnay called the Antithesis. Aged in mostly old oak, the wine was closed aromatically when we tasted it.

Medium-bodied, citrusy, with bracing acidity, this Chardonnay resembles a good quality Puligny at.

Tablas creek antithesis
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